Injured female OFW seeks help from Raffy Tulfo to obtain justice

A female OFW working in Taiwan sought the help of Raffy Tulfo on his radio show, “Wanted sa Radyo.” The female OFW took part in a vicious, lopsided fight against three fellow female OFWs.

Maria Clarissa “Nina Dy” Gao was on the receiving end of blunt force trauma at the hands of her previous co-workers, Jeronica Marasigan, Richelle Villarino, and Charina Carreon. The incident reportedly occurred on June 10.

As seen in the video, Nina was dragged along the floor by one of the women while another repeatedly punched her. Meanwhile, the third woman recorded the reprehensible act.

The encounter left multiple bruises on Nina’s face and body.

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According to the victim, she had countless misunderstandings with the three woman in the past. These arguments led her to leave her job.

Umalis po ako sa work naming kasi nga po na-bully po ako,” she said.

In addition to these numerous misunderstandings, the anger of the three women allegedly stemmed from Nina sharing a photo of Jeronica sans makeup in a group chat. The seemingly childish act provoked Jeronica, Richelle, and Charina to act violently.

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Aside from inflicting physical injuries, the three suspects also destroyed Nina’s belongings — specifically her laptop and cellphone.

As seen in Nina’s post, the three women tried to reach out and pay for the damages. However, the victim opted to file a lawsuit against them in Taiwan. In addition to that lawsuit, Raffy Tulfo plans to pursue legal action against the three suspects here in the Philippines.

Based on the information from “Wanted sa Radyo,” some of the assailants are illegal aliens. Once that this tip is confirmed by the Philippine Embassy in Taiwan, they will be sent home immediately.

Many of the radio show’s listeners were enraged by the incident. Read some of their comments below.

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