Karla Bonifacio Of MMK’s A Second Chance Episode Tells Everyone What Second Chances Are For

Up to this day, people are still arguing if your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend deserves a second chance. Most people are afraid to give it another shot because of the fear that they would end up hurting them over and over again. However, the story of Karla and Gio proves that sometimes, some people are worth the second chance.

Karla and Gio’s love story was recently aired on ABS-CBN’s drama anthology wherein Bela Padilla played the role of Karla while JC Santos played the role of Gio. It was a bittersweet love story that’s filled with trials and pain, but in the end, they still managed to come back in each other’s arms.

After their story was aired on MMK, Karla decided to wrote another Facebook post, to tell everyone that sometimes, you have to risk something just to see what could possibly happen next.

She started her post with the words: “Remember that second chance is not a ticket to commit another mistake. It’s a ticket for you to realize your mistake, learn from it and be a better person because that is what your partner deserves.”

She then continued to say that people should never use a second chance to hurt someone again and just let the second chance be another way for you to heal.

According to Karla, once you’ve been given the second chance, all you have to do is to take good care of it because not everyone’s given the second chance.

“Kapag binigyan ka ng second chance, ingatan mo. Dahil hindi lahat ng tao kaya magbigay ng second chance. Kaya umayos kayo, please. Wag nyo hayaan na maging “too late” na para i-prove mo yun sarili mo. Yun tipong may iba nang nagbibigay ng halaga sakanya kasi you wasted your chance.”

At the near end of her post, she thanked everyone who watched the show, and also the great artists JC Santos and Bela Padilla.

The photos attached to her viral post, showed them making new memories in Hong Kong Disneyland where their relationship was put to an end.

“THIS YEAR LANG TONG HK DISNEYLAND! Feb. 14, 2018. Bumalik kami to create new memories”

As of this writing, the post has already garnered a total of 95k reactions and more than 32k shares from the netizens!

Source: Facebook

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