This guy is very proud of her chubby girlfriend and protects her from bashers

As the saying, “Do not judge the book by its cover”,tells that we should not have any ill prejudice to any person regardless of their appearance nor their circumstances in life.
This article will prove that true love exists when physical appearance is no longer a factor in choosing the person whom you want to be with.

A netizen is very proud of her girlfriend who gained pounds amidst all the bashing and hate. This just shows that love comes in all shapes and sizes.His post on Facebook of a picture of his girlfriend with the caption,”“MATABA NA GIRLFRIEND MO” Yeah, oo mataba na nga siya eh ano?! “PRE BUTI MAHAL MO PA KAHIT TUMABA NA SIYA” warafak is that tanong? Yan yan yan kase ang problema satin ngayon eh “PHYSICAL” lang talaga ang gusto niyo ang nakikita niyo mga tsong. Hirap satin ang gusto niyong katawan ng mga babae eh yung mga mala “Mia wizKhalifa” eh. Tandaan mo tsong niligawan mo siya dapat hindi lang katawan ang habol mo porke nag karoon siya ng taba medjo lumaki at lumobo papangit na tingin mo sakanya? Bobo ka kapag ganon. MAHALIN MO SIYA KUNG ANO SIYA TANGGAPIN MO KUNG ANO SIYA AT KUNG ANONG MAGIGING SIYA! TANDAAN MO..PAG YAN PUMAYAT AT INIWAN MO FOR SURE IKAKASISI MO!”, along with the hashtags #LOVEWINS #ChubbyNoProblem, a sweet and yet a protective message to his girl.

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