WATCH: Ina, nagpasaklolo kay Idol Raffy para ibigay sa ama ang kustodiya ng mga anak dahil…

While lovemaking is an essential part of any marriage, it does not mean that the husband could get it anytime and anywhere he felt he wants to. Being married doesn’t mean that the husband can just engage to sex even without the wife’s consent, sexual intercourse without consent nor intimacy can actually be considered as rape.

A mother of four seeks the help of veteran public service announcer Raffy Tulfo in order to surrender her four female children ages 18, 15, 9, and 7 to her husband who is always demanding her to have sex whenever she will ask for a few money for the kids’ school expenses.

According to Estrella Cantor, her husband Sonny is giving them P800 per week financial support, but whenever her daughters would need extra cash for school requirements and she will ask the father for it, Sonny always demands sex in exchange of the money their children needs.

Apparently, Estrella and Sonny are already separated and the latter is currently living with his brother. She added that whenever she would ask for money, Sonny would tell her to pay for it but not in monetary amount, but a quick sex inside the bathroom.

Estrella also revealed that Sonny had an affair before with his 17-year-old niece who they treated as their own family member and lived with them under one roof.

When the program contacted Sonny, he gladly accepts the custody of four children but Raffy Tulfo refused to adhere Estrella’s request out of fear that Sonny would also molest his four daughters since he is obviously a pervert.

Sonny denied all of Estrella’s accusation and challenged her to prove her allegations. Because of this, Tulfo just suggested to have an agreement at the barangay office and Municipal Social Welfare and Development (MSWD) for Sonny to give enough financial support without any physical contact in return.

But when the program called Social Worker Arlene Cinco, she revealed that 4 years ago, Estrella and Sonny’s problem was also brought up in their office and both agreed to give the financial support through her.

But in return, Estrella accused her of having an affair with Sonny and threw the money in her face.

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