WATCH: Lasinggero at bugbugerong pulis na mister, sinumbong ni misis kay Idol Raffy!

A sobbing policeman’s wife seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her husband who recently subjected her to physical abuse.

According to Eireen Calmerin, her husband PO2 Audie Calmerin, a member of the Police Security and Protection Group (PSPG) of the Philippine National Police was drunk when he got home on the night of June 23, 2018, when the latter kicked her on the chest.

Eireen said that Audie went home to his kids playing makeup while she is taking a nap, out of nowhere, Audie suddenly beat her.

PO2 Calmerin who is also present in the radio program immediately apologized for what he did, he admitted being drunk during that time and has tendencies to lost his rationale thinking when drunk.

When Tulfo asked if Eireen wants to file a case against her husband, the battered wife emotionally said that she really wants to put him behind bars but their children pleaded him not to file a case out of compassion for their own father.

PO2 Calmerin then requested wife to stop nagging at him whenever he is drunk, but Tulfo slammed his reasoning and lectured him to adjust instead of his family adjusting from the effects of alcohol on his mind.

Tulfo also advised the policeman to stop drinking or just do it occasionally, he said that PO2 Calmerin is turning into alcoholic and needs medical intervention, as his drunkenness might lead to worst especially if he is carrying his gun.


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