WATCH: Stroke patient, mangiyak-ngiyak na sinumbong kay Idol Raffy ang isang aroganteng taxi driver!

Aside from the illness that they are feeling, persons with disabilities would often pity themselves thinking how useless they are and feeling that they are causing burden in others’ life. This is exactly what a stroke patient felt after encountering a rude taxi driver.

Couple Ernesto and Celia Camaya seek the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about a rude taxi driver who drops them off in the middle of the road despite being aware that one of the passengers is a stroke patient.

According to the couple, after having their check-up, they hailed a taxi cab with plate number UVR-234 from St. Lukes Hospital going to Vista Mall in Taguig City. The driver identified as Kenny Dalumpines said that he does not know how to get to the said location, the couple offered to guide him but the driver remained rude and agitated.

Ernesto being a stroke patient lost his temper and raised voice on Dalumpines leading for the driver to drop them off in the middle of the road.

But when the program contacted Dalumpines, he narrated a totally different version of the story. He said that he asked the couple to guide him on the road but the couple, especially the stroke patient is very angry and even attempted to hit him with his walking stick.

When Tulfo slammed the driver about making up stories, Dalumpines changed his tone and apologized for his rude behavior. Ernesto could not help but get emotional saying that he really felt bad about what happened.

Celia revealed that after the taxi ride experience, Ernesto would often cry at night thinking how useless he is as a stroke patient and thinking about how he is such a huge burden for others.

During their confrontation, Kenny sincerely apologized to the couple and said the incident will be a lesson learned from him. His operator also offered the couple to give them a free ride whenever Ernesto will have to go to the hospital.


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Source: Youtube