WATCH: Vice Mayor na nakasagasa, walang pakealam sa biktima!

Another complainant of a government official went to Raffy Tulfo to seek help. Milky Fernandez is complaining about a Vice-Mayor named Sixto Estareja, a vice-mayor of Sorsogon because of an incident while he is driving his motorcycle.

Fernandez said that the incident happened in an intersection wherein he was bumped by the car of Vice-mayor Estareja, he also said that when he was already on the ground blurry they didn’t even bother to stop and check if he is ok until they realized that there were some other people in the area to notice.

Fernandez added that the rescuer is the one who brought him to the hospital.


When Fernandez went to Vice-mayor Estareja’s office to have an amicable settlement because of what happened, they were told that they already have their lawyer and wasn’t able to talk to Estareja’s himself.


Erwin got Chief Insp. Jim Jeremias on the line and questioned him why his people weren’t able to hold both Estareja and his driver after the incident happened.


Chief Insp. Jim Jeremias said that they need to further check on the details on what really happened and if what was the action taken on the said incident with his case investigators.


Erwin directly told Insp. Jeremias that at this point they need to file a case to Estareja and his driver because what happened was still within the 24-hour period.

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Erwin also said that Vice Mayor Estareja and his driver can be liable to some other case such as “Obstruction of Case” for not letting Fernandez have any formal amicable settlement with him and passing his reasoning with his lawyer.


Erwin reiterate that Estareja should be responsible surrendering his car and his driver to the police to give any statement on the incident instead of ignoring Fernandez complaint.

To see the full story, watch the entire video below:

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