Get to Know the Popular Celebrities who are Living a Simple Life Behind the Camera

People these days tend to think the celebrities we see on our television are living a luxurious life off cam. Most of them tend to think that they’ve been living an extravagant life behind all those cameras. What they all didn’t know is the fact that there are celebrities who chose to live a simple life behind the camera.

We often see stories of their luxurious life, spacious mansions, and extravagant vacations, but we rarely see stories about their simple life off cam, and so, this time, it’s different. Instead of featuring the ‘time of their life’, we’d rather feature their simple life behind the camera.

1. Manny Pacquiao
His dreams of fighting inside the boxing ring began in the streets of Mindanao. Soon enough, he made his way into an impressive career filled with titles. Today, he’s already a lawmaker. He chose to leave the boxing gloves in exchange for the Barong Tagalog. Despite his success as a boxer, he still chooses to live a simple life, eating with his hands when Tuyo and Steamed Rice is served.

2. Wally Bayola
He’s popularly known as Lola Nidora of Eat Bulaga. Aside from being a well-known comedian, he’s also known as a hardworking father.

3. Kris Aquino

We’ve known Kris Aquino for being the celebrity who lives the most luxurious life. What we all didn’t know is despite her fame, she still does some chores.

4. Neri Naig
The wife of Chito Miranda isn’t afraid of showing the world her simple life behind the camera. She’s not afraid of getting dirty when she takes care of her plants.

5. Tuesday Vargas
As an event planner/coordinator, Tuesday personally visits Dangwa to pick the freshest flowers that she’d use for an event.

6. Iya Villania
Despite being a famous celebrity and VJ, Iya still chose to live a happy life with her own family. She’s a responsible mom and a loving wife to her husband Drew.

7. Solenn Heussaff
Instead of going out to have dinner on expensive restaurants, Solenn and her brother, Erwan, chose to cook dinner.

8. Lovi Poe
This sexy star doesn’t ask her maids to go shopping for her! In fact, she does grocery shopping all by herself!

9. Michael V and Jake Vargas
They may be popular, but they sure know when to have fun! They were spotted taking the LRT and they somehow enjoyed it!

10. Danica Sotto
Despite being the daughter of THE Vic Sotto, Danica still lives a simple life with her children!

11. Jennylyn Mercado
Instead of doing her training on private properties, Jennylyn chose to hang out with others at the grounds of UP Diliman.

12. Gardo Versoza
Gardo loves to cook pansit, not for his family, but for charity.

13. Glaiza de Castro
Glaiza de Castro is more than willing to spend her money on her favorite siomai in a street food stall!

14. Kim Domingo
Tagged as one of the sexiest female celebrities in the industry, Kim also uses her hands in eating sisig!

Source: ShowbizReaders

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