These prices of these celebrity boots are enough to buy a house

Some celebrities are known for their ridiculously opulent lifestyles. The following celebrities, for example, have boots that are so expensive that a pair of each of them can buy a condo unit. We couldn’t blame them though. It’s better to splurge than leave your money in a bank.

Ready to dig into our list? Prepare your hearts.

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1. Marian Rivera = Marian Rivera is known for her expensive taste in fashion. She has been seen copping brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Off White, and others. But the most expensive in her collection of luxury boots is this pair of Vetement white boots with 3.5-inch highlighter heels. Its price? $1,650 or PHP87,830 during its 2017 debut.

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2. Heart Evangelista – Heart Evangelista’s Porliqat 120 ankle boots is worth $1,995 or PHP106,195. These elegant boots are enough as a jackpot price in a game show

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3. Regine Velasquez – Regine Velasquez’s Sergio Rossi black embossed leather gladiator borderline boots is worth $3,322 or PHP176,800. She also has a Tom Ford Yellow Hummingbird and floral beaded over-the-knee boots which is worth $7,500 or PHP399,200 on eBay. Each of those can give a home to a homeless or education to a poor child.

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4. Anne Curtis – Anne Curtis’ Yves Saint Laurent’s Niki glitter boots is worth $10,000 or PHP523,090, a price tag thanks to Rihanna wearing it in 2017. These elegant boots will surely make your jaw drop to the floor or shake your head in disbelief.

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Do you know other celebs who have expensive boots? If you have the money, would you buy these boots?

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