Check out Chef Boy Logro and his precious treasures!

I bet, you guys are familiar with Chef Boy Logro. He’s the funny and comical chef in a TV cooking show. But this guy didn’t just snap his fingers ala-thanos and woke up in the spotlight.

This guy went through a lot and this article is not enough to summarize it. But just to give you an idea of how hard the life was for the young Logro.

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He finished primary school but never got a high school diploma because his parents could no longer afford to do so.

Driven by his dream of going back to school and improving his family’s quality of living, he went to Manila with his uncle at the age of 13. His first job in the big city was as a houseboy in a Chinese restaurant in downtown Quiapo.

Not knowing how to speak Tagalog did not hold Chef Boy back from learning. While at the Chinese restaurant, he would frequently visit the kitchen to help out, taking in all the information he could. He later applied to Astral Villa (now Josephine’s), where he started as a dishwasher. He would later become the chef’s protégé after showing mounds of interest in cooking.

And as they say, the rest is history. So come and join us in checking the treasures of chef boy Logro!

A Culinary School

Chef Boy Logro is not just a celebrity chef, he also shares his knowledge through his 3 culinary schools that he built.

Logro said that he has one in Davao called CLICKS (Chef Logro’s Institute of Culinary and Kitchen Services), one in Cavite with the same name and one in Manila which is called Manila Culinary Hospitality Academy.

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Logro credits his success to up above. Even if his location is not that good, students come to his school in bunches. He is proud that he has many students.

He said that he has a foreign student and he joked that he is overwhelmed in the English language because of his foreign student.


Other than his 7 Flavors buffet restaurant in San Juan he has also one in Davao.

4 Water refilling station

The very jolly chef has also his own water refilling station.

Chef Boy Logro was indeed very blessed on the things that he has right now and we all know he deserves it!

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Source: GMA

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