Coco Martin’s ‘Probinsya’-style newest addition to his house – Let’s see his Bahay Kubo and a Small Garden

You will see celebrities enjoy the luxury of living in large houses and some reside in elegant condos. Living the city life is not always rainbows and butterflies. A break from work and from the hustle and bustle of streets, people need to relax by going to provinces.

Coco Martin, the high rating action packed series “Ang Probinsyano”‘s lead star, also needed an escape. He wanted it to be simple and humble. A “bahay kubo” which gives off a province-style looking abode is added to his abode in Quezon City. Beside the “bahay kubo” is his own small farm where he grows vegetables, such as string beans, eggplant, cucumber, okra and ampalaya. It’s his way of helping the Mother Earth, which he quoted, “Magtanim po tayo para makatulong sa kalikasan.”

The garden also has chilis, mustard, pechay, onions, lettuce and carrots, which are properly aligned and organized well so you can easily see them. Jokingly, You can sing the song “Bahay Kubo” while spotting those vegetables!

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Growing organic vegetables in his own small garden is practical because it Coco Martin, Garden, Houselessens his needs to buy on markets.

He showcased a part of his garden as he said,” Napakasarap mabuhay ng simple.” There is no really place like home. We hope people will soon be inspired to build their bahay kubos and have their own garden filled with lots of organic vegetables.

So guys, what do you think? Do you want to have your own bahay kubo and garden at the comforts of your home? Comment your thoughts below.

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Source: infactbuzz