Iza Calzado’s Bikini Photo Gained Mixed Reactions from the Netizens!

It’s no secret that Iza Calzado is one of the finest and most admired female celebrity in the industry. She was once a young artist until eventually, she was already tagged as a veteran actress not just because of her contibutions to the industry but also because of her professionalism and her beauty.

Iza Calzado was last seen on television in the hit television series ‘A Love to Last’ that was top-billed by Bea Alonzo and Ian Veneracion. Iza Calzado played the role of Grace in the series, where she gained praises after she gave justice to the role of an antagonist.

However, just recently, she became a trending topic online after she posted a bikini photo of her on Instagram.

On her Instagram account, she posted a photo of her wearing a black one-piece swimsuit while holding a coconut on her hands. It was a candid shot that was taken in Bangtao, Phuket.

The photo showed how gorgeous and how stunning Iza Calzado is in her bikini photo. She’s not wearing any makeup and yet she still looks stunning.

However, not everyone was pleased with her bikini photo. Some people took notice of how gorgeous she is but then, there are some netizens who bashed her.

Iza Calzado’s bashers posted hate comments about her, telling her how fat she is. Some bashers told her that her body is no longer flawless since she’s already aging.

But then again, her fans quickly defended her from the bashers telling them that there’s no reason to bash Iza Calzado for she still looks stunning. People even expressed disappointment towards those who showed no respect and chose to body shame Iza Calzado.

What do you think of this story? Do you agree that Iza looks stunning despite that she’s aging? Do you believe that she still looks perfect? Share us your thoughts!

Source: Instagram

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