Netizen Shares How He Accidentally Read His 12-year-old Cousin’s Chat Conversation With A Girl

A netizen took to Twitter to share how he ‘accidentally’ read his 12-year-old cousin’s chat conversation with a girl. Shocked by what he saw, the netizen took photos of the said conversation and posted them online for everyone’s entertainment.

He wrote:

“So naiwan ng 12 taong gulang kong pinsan yung ipad niya sa kwarto ko.. hindi naman sa pagiging chismosa pero binasa ko convo nila ng kachat niya. Punyeta dinaig pa ko???”

As it turned out, his cousin was trying to court a girl who already had a boyfriend. The girl claims that he loves both the netizen’s cousin and her boyfriend, which was why she was confused. Emboldened by the girl’s confession, however, the cousin urged her to break up with her boyfriend already so that they can be together. However, you might not expect what happens later in the chat conversation.

A snippet of their conversation read:

Boy: “Siyempre nasaktan ako don”

Girl: “Love naman kita eh”

Boy: “Totoo ba yan naluha ako”

Girl: “Love nga kita”

Boy: “Bat may syota ka na love mo naman ako. Ano ba pangalan ng syota mo”

Girl: “Di naman seryoso sakin bf ko”

Another part read:

Girl: “Oo na ako na yung nagpapakatanga sa kanya alam mo kung bakit kase mahal ko sha!?”

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Boy: “Sino ba talaga mahal mo”

Girl: “Kayong dalawa”

Boy: “Kagulo naman tayng nararamdaman mo”

Girl: “Nga eh”

Boy: “Ayaw mo ba talagang hiwalayan”

Girl: “Kung alam ko nang kailangan ko ng bumitaw bibitaw ako (Author’s note: Big words.)”

Boy: “Bumitaw ka na, sakin ka nalang kumapit (Author’s other note: This could be a movie line.)”

However, the girl still refused to break up with her boyfriend. She said she wasn’t ready to let go of him yet, but she will in time.


Apparently, that time was the next day, because she messaged the netizen’s cousin again to tell him that she and her boyfriend broke up already.

The conversation drew mixed reactions from netizens, with some saying that kids should not be engaging in these kinds of conversations, claiming they are too young to know what ‘love’ is. Others found the exchange entertaining, while the others said it was too cheesy.

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What can you say about this netizen’s post sharing his 12-year-old cousin’s conversation with a girl? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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