Netizens noticed Nadine Lustre’s leg bruises, fans claimed it was from her hiking trips

Being revered by her fans as the “queen of cool” and earning the title as the country’s sexiest woman, who would even think that Nadine Lustre has imperfections in and out of her body? You shouldn’t be surprised – we’re all human. James Reid’s sweetheart also has flaws and insecurities like each and every one of us. At the end of the day, she still slays in every little or huge thing she does.

In 2017, Nadine’s supporters were left bewildered after her photo taken after a session at the Aivee Clinic exposed her bruises on her legs. For the record, Nadine’s legs and complexion are enviable to many women, which made it unthinkable that hers were not as flawless like how people perceive them to be.

Fortunately, the “Never Not Love You” leading lady’s supporters were quick to defend her from critics. According to a number of online users, Nadine likes to go hiking. That’s why it is normal for her to obtain wounds.

While the clarification didn’t come directly from the actress herself, it was probably because Nadine has already overcome her insecurities a long time ago. Petty things like this won’t faze her unshakable confidence.

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In a previous interview with Tito Boy at his late-night talk show “Tonight With Boy Abunda,” Nadine narrated how low her self-esteem was when she was just auditioning, and she unveiled that her skin color had been her biggest insecurity after allegedly being left out during try-outs due to her “morena” look.

Nadine said:

“It was really my skin color, because I remember before pag pupunta ako ng mga VTRs for TV commercials. Mga chairs yan and then nag-aantay kami para matawag for the VTR and lahat ng mga katabi ko e mga mestiza. Pumasok sa isip ko na ang lahat ng na-aapprove for the TV commercials are all the mestizas so like there was a point in my life na parang sinabi ko na sana mestiza na lang din ako so I can get projects and I can get like work also.”

Eventually, Nadine Lustre learned to embrace her features and now she’s one of the most celebrated actresses in the Philippines.

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“I realized that I’m unique and no one else has what I have so I became proud of it.”

Source: manilareaders

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