'PAG LUMINGON KA AKIN KA' Tim Sawyer is Bianca Umali's newest 'baby'? Watch the viral video here!

Are you familiar with the name Tim Sawyer? Nope, it wasn't a typographical error and I didn't mean to write 'Tom Sawyer' but indeed Tim Sawyer.

Tim Sawyer is a famous personality on social media and is a video blogger who's fond of posting hilarious videos and of course, his videos and posts about his very own 'baby'. But who is his baby anyway?

Tim Sawyer previously became a hot topic on social media after he secretly filmed a flight attendant in his flight. He was doing those cute little gestures for the gorgeous flight attendant without her knowing it. He had this 'love at first sight' feeling that's why he decided to post the video on his social media account, in hopes of finding the gorgeous flight attendant.

However, after the flight attendant in his video was identified, he became the center of controversies because the woman was already married and that he just invaded her privacy. It was then when Tim decided to apologize to the flight attendant.

But now, Tim Sawyer did it again! He once again filmed a woman secretly and repeatedly called her 'Baby'. But this time, it's quite different because he's doing it with another famous personality, Bianca Umali. 

In the viral video, Bianca Umali, Tim Sawyer, and others were inside a room, preparing and waiting for their turn to perform when suddenly, Tim started pointing the camera towards Bianca Umali and started calling her baby.



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