You’ll Surely Envy Piolo Pascual and Moi Bien’s Friendship!

Every woman in the Philippines can’t help but get jealous of Moi Bien, Piolo Pascual’s personal assistant! Ever since Piolo Pascual entered the industry, Moi Bien or more popularly known as Yaya Moi had already been by his side.

Are you wondering why people are getting jealous of Moi Bien? Aside from having an access in the life of the hottest leading man in the Philippines, she also serves as his personal assistant and every time Piolo needs something, all he needs to do is to search for Yaya Moi.

Due to her closeness to Piolo Pascual, doors of opportunities have also opened for Moi Bien. She already had several supporting roles in televisions series and even in movies.

What’s even more surprising is the fact that Piolo Pascual didn’t even treat her as his personal assistant. He treated her as if she’s a member of their family.

For him to fulfill Yaya Moi’s longtime wish, he sent her to a culinary school and she now holds a degree. Plus, they don’t have this typical employe-boss relationship. The respect is there but then, Piolo and Moi are still friends!

It appears that Moi Bien and Piolo Pascual don’t know the concept of personal space since most of their photos, they were seen hugging each other!

Not just that! There are also times when Moi Bien is being given the chance to kiss Papa P on his cheeks and vice versa!

Their photos already explained how close they’ve grown towards each other and that they are now more comfortable with each other’s presence.

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Source: 24hcom

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