WATCH: Lolong nasaksihan ang pagnanakaw sa ari-ariang isang dekada niyang inilaban, nagsumbong sa Kilos Pronto

A former employee of a mining company seeks the help of PTV 4’s public service program Kilos Pronto to complain about his rightful belonging which is being stolen right in front of his eyes.

According to complainant Abraham Javier, back in 1996 he headed a labor dispute against a mining company he worked for and after a decade, they won and the court granted him P100-million worth of scrap materials since he was the highest bidder in the auction done by Department of Labor and Employment.

However, on March 2016, the Regional Trial Court Branch 7 ordered a status quo against the on scrap materials placed in an abandoned plantation since there are lots of former employees who want to claim it as well. The status quo order means that no one will be allowed to claim any of the scrap materials.

But last February 2018, a group or armed personnel collected the scrap materials at the Mariculum Mining Corporation Plant and loaded it in a ship bound to Cebu.

Javier was left with no choice but to witness how his rightful property got stolen since the men were armed, he said that his former co-employee Arnel Araneta is the one leading the team to steal his property.


When Javier reported what happened to the police and coast guard, they said that they could not hold it since there is no official court order. Mang Javier then suspected that the culprits could not be arrested since they are backed-up by big-time personalities.




Watch the turnout of events below:






Source: Bitag Media