Woman’s selfies got photobombed by an unknown girl

There’s always that someone (or group) who is always ready to photobomb your shot when you’re taking a selfie. But what happens if you encounter an unwanted photobombER on one of your selfies?

In the case of Katrina Paraiso, a Filipino living in Japan, she’s shocked when she scrolled her previous selfies finding out that an unknown guest photobombed one of her photos at exactly 12 midnight.

Credits to: Definitelyflipino
Credits to: Definitelyflipino

The photo was taken in January when she visited the Philippines.

She said that she was shocked to see these three particular photos. She tried putting several filters in them to see if it really is a person or just a glitch.

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After testing some filters, the photo clearly shows a young girl behind her looking directly at the camera.

Credits to: Definitelyflipino
Credits to: Definitelyflipino

“Ayan iniba ko filter kitang kita na. Tingnan nyo yung first pic ulo nalng wala na siyang katawan pero nung last pic meron pa,” she wrote in her Facebook post.

People started suggesting that it must have been her nephew or cousin, but we think it’s not what people think it is.

Credits to: Definitelyflipino
Credits to: Definitelyflipino

Katrina clarified, “Nasa pinas po ako niyan, at wala po akong pamangkin sa Pinas. Nasa Japan po sila lahat and wala po akong pinsan sa Paraiso na ganyan ka bata pa.”

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Who is that person, then?

Finally, Katrina recalled she has a family member who passed away, however when they went back to the Philippines they didn’t get to pay a visit to her brother’s grave.

“Pero may kapatid po akong namatay lalaki siya eh nung nasa pic babaeng bata namn. Nung umuwi kami pinas ng january di namin na siya nadalaw,” Katrina mentioned.

Credits to: Definitelyflipino
Credits to: Definitelyflipino

We now see why everyone’s freaking out.

So remember, the next time you take a selfie don’t do it at midnight and look behind your back first.

Credits to: Definitelyflipino

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What do you think of Katrina Paraiso’s unknown guest? Do you think this has something to do with her departed brother? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

Source: Definitelyfilipino

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