Online shopping resulted in a hilarious epic fail!

Nowadays online shopping became the most convenient way to get anything you want at your door-step, no need to go to the shopping mall and suffer the hustle and bustle of the streets and traffic.

Somehow online shopping indeed dominated the global market.

Using online shopping has its own share of positive reviews but there are some cases where somehow fails to meet the expectation of some customers.

An example is this poor guy who expected high hopes that finally he will receive his new mobile phone.

This guy decided to place an order on one of the biggest online shopping apps in the country.

He ordered a cellular phone unit expecting it to be delivered in time.

When the package is delivered from online shopping stores, contents must be checked to be sure whether it really contains the correct item on it.

Ther are also some cases that some packages contents was changed by whoever handles them.

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Source: Facebook