A Licensed teacher and civil service passer, sadly led to being a garbage collector

Meet Tatay Alfredo Manuel, a scavenger in Manila. But, what makes him special is that he holds an education degree and a license to teach.

He passed the licensure examination for teachers in 1992 also, he passed the civil service test that enables him to be employed in any public school or any government offices.

A Licensed teacher, Alfredo Manuel now roam wander to Manila to sell a newspaper or trade up any goods for a living.

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Many netizens were touched by the story of his life, including sympathy with the old guy because of his proficiency in English and Science.

Tatay Alfredo was a janitor before in an elementary school according to UP Manila history professor named Benjie Mangubat. This is his way to send himself in college.

He has all the qualifications needed to teach, but because he was accused of theft charges given to him unknowingly he was rejected.

After five years, he tried to apply again in the same school but still, nothing happened. So, he gave up and let himself be contented on collecting and selling different scrap materials, usually from garbage along Taft Avenue.

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Tatay Alfredo Manuel was known to be still very witty and SHARP. People say that if you would ask him about the scientific name of any plant, he will surely answer that correctly.

Some people actually call him a genius.

Prof. Benjamin Mangubat actually feels sorry that Tatay Alfredo wasn’t able to pursue his dream as a teacher. He does have the knowledge and capability to be a successful educator. He also said that he wants to write a book about Tatay Alfredo’s life.

With Tatay Alfredo sharpness and intelligence he sure can make a good and excellent mentor.

Sometimes life is questionable, but all we can do is to accept the reality.

Hopefully, doors will open for Tatay Alfredo for a better living after his story was heard.

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Source: KAMI

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