A PUP Professor got discriminated on a jeepney because of his unusual looks!

Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover. It is in our culture that sometimes or more often people look someone head to toe and assume they knew them. Appearance always has an impact without knowing the real personality of an individual.

Oh well, truth hurts but that’s the reality.

Meet Prof. Ruben Madridejos, a Physics professor in PUP.

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He is often called the Albert Einstein of PUP.

A post went viral on Facebook when a student from the same university narrated how the professor got discriminated inside a jeepney.

The professor tried to ride a jeepney, but then the driver won’t allow him even though there is still enough space for him to sit.

He was not allowed to ride the jeepney because of the way he looks.

Irritated and annoyed he said that he is a senior citizen and he does have the right to sit and ride the jeepney like a normal person.

What’s most shocking is the driver and the other passengers agreed to each other that he can’t afford to pay a fare for the jeepney.

Is it because the way he looks? Apparently, the professor tried to ride a jeepney but got criticized because of his unusual look. He has this long hair and beard which is a style that is rarely seen in University professors.

How can people be so heartless and insensitive?

It’s like he is being treated as if he is a beggar or something because of some other people not liking how he looks.

Experiencing this kind of discrimination is indeed infuriating.

When they learned more about Professor Madridejos achievements, I think it will be a slap on their faces.

Inside an article that was published by John Paul Besagas (a journalist of PUP), we learned that Prof. Ruben Merdridejos is an alumnus of UP-Diliman (University of the Philipines Diliman).

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