Barkada goes viral after a hilarious birthday surprise!

Life is dull without friends but one squad recently went viral after proving that life is indeed, crazier but more hilarious with friends!

A viral video that was uploaded went viral because of what his friends prepared for him on his birthday.

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On the video you can see a guy wearing a polo shirt and shorts, a group of friends then decided to opt for a funeral-themed party instead of the regular one to surprise the guy. The friends kept the surprise secret to the guy to make it even more exciting.

A moment later, a car came out from the dark side of the street. The car had a tarpaulin made, with the words “We will miss you Baleleng.” The edited photo placed on the tarpaulin was that of a pouting image of the guy who looked rather displeased with life.

Upon seeing the unique surprise his friends prepared, the birthday boy failed to contain his laughter and mixed emotions through his curse words.

Actually, birthdays are a time to celebrate with gifts, cake, balloons, and a party. But, it’s also a great time to add some fun and mischief to the happy occasion. Traditionally, the birthday boy/girl is supposed to be treated the best and no one is supposed to be mean to them since it is their big day. But a little prank on them wouldn’t hurt if they have a good sense of humor.

Some pranks are always meant to be playful and never harm anyone’s sentiments. Thus, if you’re the one pulling it off, make sure you don’t mess up the poor person’s birthday instead of making it special. These ideas can be as much fun as you want them to be, provided you give the person his/her birthday present eventually.

Unique it is, do you wish for the same birthday surprise?

Watch the video below:

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