This Woman’s Fake Boobs Exploded During A Tattoo Session

Inking someone’s skin is definitely one hard thing to do since you’d have to be very careful not to miss a single detail and to make the tattoo look perfect since it would stay on their canvas’ body for the rest of their lives. While doing your job, the last thing that you expected is to see something popping in a woman’s chest!

However, that is exactly what had happened to this woman in Thailand who was in the middle of a tattoo session when her boobs suddenly exploded!

As stated by the Metro, the woman named Mint apparently put two big balloons up her t-shirt to prank her boyfriend. She filmed everything to promote her boyfriend’s tattoo shop ‘Brite Tattoo Shop’ and also to prank her.

In the video, Mint did something to make the needle pop the balloon to shock her boyfriend. Everyone was blown away!

After the video went viral online, the man in the video stated: “Mint had put the balloons on for fun, and to promote my shop. I did not think it would get this much attention.”

Source: Metro

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