Fisherman Helped Dead Shark To Give Birth

Nature is God’s gift to the humankind. There are a lot of resources in the world that provide the needs of the humans who are primarily depending on them. That’s why when it is the nature that needs our assistance, it would probably best to give it our hand.

46-year-old Mathew Orlov gained the praises of many netizens after he was reported to have helped a dead shark give birth to her babies.

According to Mathew, he was fishing off the coast of Victoria, Australia when he spotted a huge sevengill shark. He was quick to load it on to his boat but he noticed that another shark must have bitten it because he found 7 bite marks on her body. He claimed that when he loaded the creature, she was already dead.


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However, he noticed that her tummy is still moving. Because of his past experiences as a fisherman, he knew that the shark is pregnant and he could save her babies. So without further thinking, he started to cut through the shark’s body as he performed a cesearian section on her. He was surprised to find out 98 baby sharks. He gladly released them to the wild and hoped that they would survive without their mother.

Mathew decided to eat the body of the dead shark. He claimed that it could feed his whole family.

If you were in his situation, will you do the same? Share you thoughts in the comments section below.

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Source: Dailymail