Ganito Pala Kung Tratuhin Ni Ellen Adarna Ang Kanyang Mga Maids! Siguradong Hindi Ito Gaya Ng Inaasahan Niyo!

Let's face the fact that Ellen Adarna is one of the most gorgeous celebrities in the industry. Aside from her flawless body, people also admire her beauty! But then, do you think that Ellen is both gorgeous inside and out? Do you think that she's really more than just a pretty face?

Well, it's for you to find out in this viral video! 

The YouTube channel of 'Pinoy Showbiz Latest' has recently posted a video of Ellen Adarna showing how she treats her maids at home. By its title, you might think that Ellen treats her maids poorly, but then, as you watch it, you'll surely apologize for judging her without knowing the real story.

In the one-minute video clip which was somehow taken from Ellen Adarna's Instagram story, Ellen was seen smiling in front of the video while saying that she has just woken up. She claims that she just woke up and was surprised to find out that her maids at home has just arrived.

It was already 6:30 in the morning and her Yayas have just arrived from a night out. 

Ellen even asked if they suffered from ahang over but then, they stated that they're all fine.  Later on, Ellen asked them about how their night out was and it was then when they started to talk about how some men tried flirting with them.

There was also a part of the video wherein Ellen saw her maids doing the Netflix and chill but their eyes are slowly closing, proving that they really need some sleep.



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