Grieving Girlfriend Took Her Last Snapchat Photos With Her Late Boyfriend But Ends Up Getting Bashed Online

Snapchat is a mobile application that allows you to take selfies and even groufies with your friends using their latest filters. Some of the most popular filters are the dog and the flower crown features. Ever since the application was released, people instantly tried it and fortunately, they loved it.

However, there’s this woman who got slammed online after she used Snapchat.

Apparently, her boyfriend loved taking Snapchat selfies with her, so, when he died, she wanted to make sure that her boyfriend would still take selfies with her.

It sure is painful to lose a loved one. Too much pain leads someone to do different things just so they could cope up with the pain that losing someone had caused them. However, there are times when people’s way of coping up with pain, is being judged by others.

This is what Valyrie Delos Santos is currently facing.

When Delos Santos got the news that her boyfriend John Rey Sac Acayen is already gone, she thought that it was all a joke and that people are just pranking her. But when she confirmed that it’s true, she rushed to her boyfriend’s house, only to find him lifeless on his bed.

It was a devastating incident for Delos Santos since her boyfriend never had the chance to bid farewell. The pain came rushing and memories started to reappear on her mind, prompting her to share their story online.

She decided to post a photo of her Snapchat selfies with her late boyfriend. The photos showed her posing for a shot while her boyfriend lies inside the casket, with filters on his face. The photos came with a lengthy caption that was mainly about their relationship.

On the same post, she talked about how hard things would be, now that he’s already gone. Delos Santos even listed the things that John Rey had been doing on a daily basis when he was still alive, and now that he’s gone, his girlfriend had no idea how to start a new chapter again.

However, Delos Santos gained criticisms for what she did. Instead of gaining sympathy, people even judged her and told her that she doesn’t know how to respect the dead.

Apparently, John Rey loves to take Snapchat selfies and before he gets buried, Delos Santos decide to take her last selfie with her late boyfriend.

Delos Santos later on revealed that her boyfriend died from asthma complications.

Source: Viral4Real

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