Incest: Unidentified Letter Sender Reveals Having A Relationship With His Mother!

Incest is an activity wherein two people who have the same bloodline indulges into a relationship which they should not have. In most countries, this kind of deeds are not accepted but in native taboos, it is since they don’t want to share their bloodline with other people.

An unidentified man took the rage of the online society after he confessed the real status that he has with his mother. His story immediately took the internet by storm and got negative comments from the netizens.

Just when you thought that these kinds of relationships only happens in movies or shows, you are wrong because it is definitely happening in real life as well.

Though this can be quite disturbing we are here to help you out in going through the story of this man.

The man behind the viral confession that was posted on Facebook is a third-year college student who exposed the dirty deeds that he has with his own mother.

Based on the story that was written, the man claims that his mother was impregnated by the age of 14 years old. He was there and he saw how his father abused his mother physically and verbally.

Despite the efforts of their relatives to tell her mother to leave his father, she never did.

By the time that she reached the age of 16, that is the first time that he fell in love. He did not attempt to court any other women since he could not find someone like his mother.

So he decided to court his mother instead since his father already has a new family. At first, his mother got mad at him for his idea. But as the time went by, she also fell in love with him. He even brings her chocolates and flowers after his shift from work.

“Mahal na mahal ko ang Mama ko na magiging asawa ko din.” This sentence even made the people angrier since their relationship is far from what they should be.


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