Lucky Single Mom lives in a rent-free house for 9 years

The United States of America has one of the steepest prices for rent, making it very difficult for average Americans to juggle their daily expenses and make ends meet.

In such a country, you’d probably do whatever it takes to secure a home. That’s exactly what Lisa Hardy did back in 2005.

Photo Credit: Littlethings
Photo Credit: Littlethings

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Lisa Hardy worked as a leasing agent in Indianapolis in 2005. She was offered free housing as part of her employment deal. Her boss said that as long as she stays working for the company, she was free to any housing units owned by the real estate company.

Being a single mother of three, Lisa did not hesitate to accept the deal that seemed too good to be true.

Photo Credit: Littlethings
Photo Credit: Littlethings

But then, the housing problem happened, leaving a lot of debt in its wake. The US economy crashed, and the real estate company Lisa Hardy was working for came crashing down with it.

Her boss went to jail, leaving the company behind. Lisa Hardy moved on but did not move out.

The 1910 three-bedroom house became their rent-free home for 9 years.

Photo Credit: Littlethings
Photo Credit: Littlethings

Lisa tried buying the house whenever it was in auction but someone kept pulling it out of the market.

This was the situation until the house was finally auctioned and bought for $7500 in July 2014. Unsurprisingly, Lisa Hardy wasn’t the one who bought it.

A Singapore-based company bought the estate but lucky for Lisa, the company decided to lease it off for her, at a decent price.

Photo Credit: Littlethings
Photo Credit: Littlethings

In an interview for ‘CBS This Morning’, housing advocate Roger Rayburn notes that Lisa’s case may be a stroke of luck but is not improbable.

He explains that because of the housing market collapse, the State suddenly had a lot of housing units to fix. With the overwhelming amount of housing issues, there was bound to be some loose strings here and there.

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