This Photograph Gained Different Reactions After Netizens Noticed Something

As a family’a tradition, it is a common one to have a family picture taken by a professional photographer. It is common for every family to have their photos inside their house, framed in a very sophisticated glass frame and hung on a wall. For most family, this is a valuable memento.

However, a picture of a certain family recently went viral as it drew more attention from the netizens than usual. Although there is no information about the family in the photo, the reason why it became the talk of the town is pretty obvious. Many people were quick to notice something unusual with the photo and it sent them fear and discomfort.

It can be seen in the photograph that an extra hand is seem to embrace the child sitting on the edge of th chair. Her family seemed to be unsuspecting as they joyfully smiled at the camera. Netizens were quick to point out that the hand must be a symbol for something no one can explain.

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But of course, in the world where technology is faster that the lightning, people are still doubtful whether the photo is authentic or not. Some are arguing that a person might have edited the picture to gain attention from the netizens in social media. They claimed that the photo was already manipulated before posting it especially that the family was like modeling for a professional photographer.

As of this writing, there is still no explanation available if the photo is indeed authentic or manipulated. The family is also still unidentified.

What can you say about this photo? Do you think this is a result of a supernatural or of editing? Share what you think in the comments section below.

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Source: Twitter