Viral video of an alleged ‘dwarves’ spotted on a tree!

Do you believe in dwarves? Some will say yes, and some will say no. But in this digital day and age, it is very hard to check a proof of a dwarf sighting if it’s real or another fake news. However, in one Facebook post of a guy named Poy Gerzon Bacabac, they have seen a mysterious creature standing on top of one tree in Alegria, Cebu City.

We are not saying that this is real but it seems legit. The video could also lead you to reconsider your belief in Philippine folklore. Kids and adults alike gathered below the tree to take a peek at the supposed dwarf standing on top.

In the video, the kids can be heard telling the adults that the dwarf was sitting down and was in another branch of the same tree.

The figure resembles a shape of a small person but many are still skeptical if it’s really a dwarf as it may only be a dark leaf or a twig.

This little creature does look like a little person perched on the branch, especially if you zoom in to the spot where he is standing; however, many were skeptical that this was a real dwarf, saying that this could just be a twig or a dark-colored leaf It is already an existing myth that dwarfs do exist in the Philippines and they often come out at a certain time: around 6 am, 12 pm, 6 pm, and 12 am. In mythical tales, dwarfs are described as tiny creatures with a pointy nose, horrifying teeth, long white-kinky hair, and angry eyes.

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These small people are said to bring you either fortune or bad luck. For centuries, humans have been fascinated by stories of dwarfs and other mystical creatures that supposedly live on this Earth but on a different dimension that does not allow us to see them unless they want us to.

Elders say they only appear to kind-hearted people. There have been a lot of stories and movies about dwarfs living among people or showing themselves to humans but there seems to be no physical or authentic photographic evidence of their actual existence. at the end of the day, it is your call if you will believe in this video or not.

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